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Giving Back V. 1.0

Giving Back is our volunteering initiative to help the less fortunate. This year our QODERS family became St Nicholas assistants and helped to create a winter miracle for children from the orphanage in Yosypovychi village. We raised money and prepared presents for kids.


33.770 UAH raised


45 presents bought


15 happy children

How we did that

How we did that

What we did


The idea of the charity project emerged during the quarantine. We were lucky to be an IT company because we could work during the quarantine and it did not cause any damage. We originally planned this Giving Back project as a project where we wanted to help the elderly that have no family and financial means. But given that we started our project in early November, and very close to St. Nicholas Day, we decided to help children on this holiday. It was an easy decision because every child in this time of the year is waiting for a little miracle.


Firstly, we created a questionnaire to find out which of our colleagues are ready to take an active part in this project. 30% of our Qoders Family volunteered to join this project and help to organize everything. Every week we had meetings where we discussed our actions step by step.

Finding an orphanage

The first task was to find those children that we wanted to help and surprise. Together, we found several organizations and chose three organizations that we liked the most. After talking to everyone, we chose the Maltese Aid Service. We communicated with Maria, she is a representative, Maria, who coordinates orphanages in the Lviv region. She had information about the Yosypovychi orphanage, where 15 preschool children from 3 to 6 years old live. We immediately said that we wanted all the letters from this orphanage.

Raising money

Having chosen an orphanage, our next step was to get all the letters and analyze all the children’s wishes. After reading the children’s letters to St. Nicholas, we started raising funds. We raised money in two ways: we had a donation box in the kitchen, and we were also able to send money online to the responsible person’s card.


Having raised funds, we drew up an action plan, because the needs of children were very diverse, and in one trip it was impossible to organize. Therefore, the organization of purchasing gifts came to us in 4 stages. Firstly, we bought bed linens for all children. The second stage was the purchase of toys, stationery, children’s cosmetics, and sweets. Then we bought clothes for the children. And finally, we bought some fruits for the kids.

Delivering Gifts

After we were done with shopping, our next step was to pack gifts individually for each child. We have done it together with all people who volunteered. After that, we organized the delivery of gifts to the Maltese Aid Service. Unfortunately, we could not give these gifts to children personally, because there were quarantine and visiting was not allowed.

Children from Yusypovychi were so happy to receive those gifts. It was an excellent experience for everyone.

What people got

What people got